About Specna Arms

Specna Arms is a reliable and well-recognized brand on the airsoft market. Years of experience and thousands of users confirm the high quality of products. Specna Arms offer includes a wide range of replicas divided into our two lines: polymer Core and innovative Edge. Thanks to that, our offer will satisfy beginners as well as experienced airsoft players.

Specna Arms replicas are equipped with Easy Spring Access - ESA, Gate electronics, reinforced gearboxes, including Orion Gearbox, precision barrels, unique Specna Arms magazines, and many other exceptional elements. To prove the high quality and innovation of our products we have acquired the licensing right from the American firearm manufacturer - Rock River Arms®.

About 4S

Main advantages of Specna Arms replicas can be described with four short catchwords.

Satisfying price

It's not hard to make replicas which have high quality and at the same time high price. Our aim is to prove that you can have really good and exceptional replica without having to spend a small fortune to get it.

Supreme quality

We want our replicas not only to be incredibly good-looking, but at the same time sturdy and reliable. Both internal and external parts of Specna Arms® guarantee highest quality and performance.


Spring quick change

All of our replicas models can be equipped with one of the following quick spring change systems: SAEC™, Enter&Convert™, and Easy Spring Access (ESA). In the first one, you need only 30 seconds to replace the main spring. The second one allows you to change the spring without gearbox disassembly. Our latest system requires only a screwdriver and a few seconds to change the spring and adjust your replica to the conditions of the airsoft field.

Spectacular range of models

Right now there are over 50 models of Specna Arms® replicas. You will find there all kind of versions, starting from basic and classic-looking ones, up to the most recent and modern designs.


We proudly present to you three of our unique designs: SAEC™ System, Enter&Convert™ System and ESA™ System.


designWe want not only to follow the trends of airsoft market, but to create them as well. We want our replicas to be unique and exceptional not only in terms of quality, but also appearance. We want to offer you something that you won’t find in other brands. Our team of designers is constantly working on something new and something better – check out the results of their work!

companySpecna Arms is a brand manufactured in Hongkong. Our aim is to deliver high-quality, good-looking and reasonably-priced airsoft replicas. We are constantly developing both technical and visual aspects of our products to offer our customers the best airsoft experience.

supportOur staff of dedicated professionals is here to assist you. If you have any questions or inquiries concerning Specna Arms products just let us know and we will provide you with most accurate information.

SAEC™ System

Spring change has never been so easy. SAEC™ System is our unique project which allows you to replace the main spring in 30 seconds! You don’t need any tools, all you have to do is remove the stock tube, unscrew the pin with spring guide and simply change the spring. Downgrading your Specna Arms® to CQB or upgrading it to regular skirmish requires as little effort as possible!

Enter&Convert™ System

Enter&Convert™ System is our idea of having two replicas in one body. You don’t need a second one only for CQB – Specna Arms allows you to change the muzzle velocity without gearbox disassembly. All you need is a screwdriver. With M90 and M120 spring included you can easily downgrade or upgrade your replica as needed.

ESA™ System

Just like the other series, Specna Arms® EDGE line is equipped with a quick spring change system. There is no need to take the gearbox out of the replica in order to exchange the spring or adjust the muzzle velocity to the required value. All you have to do is to disassemble the buffer tube by unscrewing just one screw, spin off the pin with the spring guide and exchange the spring. The whole operation takes about one minute and requires only a screwdriver.



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